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Let's do the unthinkable...
And update LJ in the morning. The amazement should reallycome form the fact that I opened the client with LJ instead of DJ.

Sometimes I'm so interesting I just want to vomit.

To catch up on important news quickly, I'll make a list:
I've got a couch
and a dining set
and I've almost completely unpacked after only 10 months of living here!
I turn 22 next week, and I doubt I'm going to get even as much as a happy birthday.
That fact doesn't bother me all that much but 22 seems un-Caseylike.
I am a godmother to my nephew.
I think I prefer the name Aunt Casey.
I admit I've decided to be a fairy godmother.
My brother-in-law wants me to change a pumpkin into a car.
His birthday was yesterday.
I'm still broke.
Still unemployed.
Still have a GPA higher than 4.0 ;)
I will most likely be as silent the next 10 weeks as I have been the past.
I'm taking a 10 week American lit class, and I had to purchase 8 full texts...
I could really worry about that if I wanted to.

That would be the news in list format. If I felt like it I could probably go into an intelligent ramble right about now. Hormonal insanity seems to be ebbing just enough to make me think it'd feel good to continue typing. (It's not ebbing enough to stop the bitterness though).

I've got some pictures of my sister and I that I want to post for the amusement factor in DJ. I'll try to remember to link it up here as well.

That's it. I'll shut up and find some clothes now.

I just had to add this. It has the word nerd in it. Beautiful.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:porcelinapunk
Your haiku:i'm caught in reading
because i'm like a nerd school
started yesterday
Created by Grahame

Have a day.

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heh. you are turning 22???!! crap... i feel really young... heh. so when is this blessed moment of happiness? heh. that and you are a GODMOTHER!! YAY! that is kewl. heh.,.. so.. yeah my spring break has been boring.. oh.. and did you know that they are hiring at homedepot for casheirs and or the gardening section?? yeah.. you might want to check that out... ^_^ heh. just a heads up.... *splatzes away*

Re: laughs hysterically!

believe me. it makes me feel a lot older than it makes you feel young. a large portion of my friends have yet to reach legal drinking age. ;)
and thanks for the heads up about home depot. i'll have to drop by this weekend and get myself an app.

Re: laughs hysterically!

YAY!! Yeah. though.. i feel really young.. most of my friends are in their 20s... and if they arn't there.... yeah.. they are way the hell younger than me... (by like ... 2 or 3 years) scary huh? heh guess that is what i get for being the youngest in my grad class... ;)

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