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Time for the obligatory random post.
An ice-skating monkey!

What to say, what to say. I recently went back to Pa. Rekindled old friendships in new and exciting places. (Note: Going to bars with friends you've had since before you even cared about driving is an odd odd thing to do. Beware.) I also rekindled my big buddy relationship with my godson/nephew. I miss the kid terribly. No one to feed me cheerios. :op

School doesn't start for another few weeks which means I'm stuck cleaning, reading, and exercising. Back to the uber-boring me. I have begun a return to true Casey-dom. No one who knows me now really knows who I'm capable of being. Being at home with Brock and Steph and not being who I used to be completely inspired me to return to "greatness."

What else... A few days ago I had a plan to get a job, but I completely can't remember what it was anymore. I should really write important things like that down. I'm sure I'll come back to it Monday or so.

Oh. That's right. Monday = Holiday = John not being at work day. Forget Monday then. It'll happen Tuesday. Twos-day.

Being home also inspired me to A- Get my shit done in Oregon as soon as flipping possible so East Coast migration can commence and B- Make some friends, drink at bars, and learn about the local music scene. The truth is that the making friends isn't all that likely since I pretty much live a drive away from everyone and I mean the kind of friends I can randomly hang out with at the drop of a hat. It also isn't likely because the kind of people I typically befriend are the same kind of laid back friends that I am, and unless we've got real reasons to go somewhere, we don't. There are the other reasons as well, but we don't go there. :op

What else, what else...

Currently reading a Not-Clockwork book by Anthony Burgess. As well as two history books. As well has the five other books I've yet to finish...

I'm a little worried about my Econ class this semester. Of course when I stop and think about it, there's always at least one class a term that I'm "a little worried about" and it always turns out to be better than I thought it would be. I guess I wouldn't be as good of a student if I didn't worry? Yeah, that doesn't sound right either.

So -shrug- Nothing going on as usual. My big tasks are ordering my self, my life, and my home. I figure if I can get myself in order, the rest should be rather simple. I don't need my life to be perfect. I just want to know that it's mine and that that means something real.

That's the news for now. You know where to find me.

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*raises hand*

Question for Miss Casey?

i need to ask your assistance with photography now that you are back... lol I have no idea what i need to do, and once i know what to do, i don't remember how to organize it... so i am in desperate need of help... Would it be possible that we get together sometime before school starts and just go at it?

Sure thing. Give me an idea of where and when you were thinking and we'll start figuring this out. I'm not sure what I did with all of my project sheets (so hopefully you've still got your own), but I can try to dig up mine if you need them. Let me know :)

I like the picture in that icon, btw. Very Very Cool.

muhahahahahahahahaha! I have obtained and created a few of my own ^^ lol look at my user icons when you have a chance ;)

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