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I never update this thing...
But one can expect this asshole-like behavior to continue. Most of you have figured out that DJ is the place I write. Those of you who haven't, now know. In an idiotic attempt to keep myself from never posting anything, I'll go ahead and copy & paste the entry I just made in my DJ.


I haven't written. You can expect more of that for the next few months. I'm not all that social at the moment. I've even been staying off aim to avoid getting sucked into family chat with Eric and Raj. It's not that I don't love family chat or anything, I just don't want to spend my whole day laying in bed amusing myself with my fake family.
Like I said before, this trend is likely to occur. Classes went fine on Thursday. I like all the instructors I have and the classes (with the exception of CS120) are interesting for the most part. The trouble is that they are pushing a hellish amount of work on me. It's not so much the individual classwork, but the fact that everything seems to be due on the same day, and there will be five quizzes that day, and a piss test. Well, that's obvious exaggeration, but you get the picture. The only way I see to keep myself from completely self-destructing is to actualy adhere to the idea that I won't slack off and I'll get stuff done early. This is easy enough for Lynn's class because I know what she's expecting now, and I've been, in the past, more than capable of writing the response papers the night she assigns them. I just generally let them go til last minute. Lynn's also nixed the midterm... come to think of it, I have absolutely no midterms. I guess that's one good deal.
I'm a wee bit worried as to how well things will actually go this term. It's not even so much the fact that I'm worried about getting things done, but that these classes (Okay, I mean Folklore/Myth and Photography) seem like they could be expecting stuff that is just barely within my grasp. Of course the realization that these are, in fact, community college courses keeps echoing in my brain. THIS ISN'T PSU HONORS COLLEGE. And even if it was... I f'ing rocked their socks. ... but that's beside the point.
I don't know. I've got a lot of reservations about all of this, and I was seriously tempted to drop a class. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how the term goes) the deadline for refund was midnight last night. So I'm stuck in it now.
Gee. Isn't that a comforting phrase.

Other than school nothing is happening. I've got a paper due on Tuesday already and the typical assload of reading. I might do a handful of my CS labs this weekend because they're generally pretty mindless. Come to think of it, almost all CS labs I've ever seen are pretty mindless. Some of them take a little more understanding and knowledge, but for the most part they're "Do this. Now do this. Do this. Save this. Done." It's not quite like writing papers. Of course the CS classes that involve any kind of design are probably a lot less like that...
I'm fucking rambling.

Expect a lot of nothing from me. I'm still reading friends page even though I'm not commenting. Unless I say I'm not reading it, or I'm going away, always assume that I am. Not that it very much matters... or does it?
Is it more important to you that I just read what it is you write or that I actually offer some sort of comment? Is it enough to know that I'm witness to all these things you're throwing forth? (Thinking now, and the fact that a lot of my comments are, in fact, similiar, are they even needed or have they reached a point where it's just understood?)

I don't very much expect any sort of reaction to any of those questions I just spewed into the little window. It's just interesting cause now that I'm thinking about it more, beloved Mike left a comment that he was still reading, and as much as I adore Mike and everything he throws at me via comments, it is enough to just know that he's reading. Then again, Mike is the kind of person who really may be my biological brother seperated at birth in some random series of events... well not really. But some of you understand the notion.

Rambling again.

Guess I'll go make myself some food and do some more reading.

Have pleasant days and restful nights.

Much Love

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*screams like a little girl* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!! I found you!! lol i was going to ask you about having an LJ but yeah... i am guessing that ... you update in your Dead one? I am assuming that is what you mean by DJ so... yeah throw out an email if i am wrong.

I am worried about my classe ase well. though photography i am going to do an incomplete and see where that takes me. i also am going to fail my history class. no doubt about that one. just plain ass flunk it. and then there is my few but annoying classes .. yes. i wish i could just go and lay in the warm sun and bake for a while. but i think i will leave the baking to my dreams and head to bed... oh fuck. it is 5:15am.

well there goes another night of sleep. URG. damn projects. so... speaking of class... what went on yesterday in class??????? did we do anything significant? or wouldit have been better if i would have just passed out anyway?

heh... funny funny.. i make me laugh for no money.. ;)

Catch ya in class...if i ever get there....


yup. my deadjournal is the one i write in. the habit just kind of started an no matter how hard i try to write in this one too, i never do. it's kind of sad really... now all i use it for is reading my lj friends entries.

if you ever want a dj, just let me know. i've got codes out the ass over there. (same goes for any buddies of yours as well)

absolutely nothing happened in class yesterday. he went around the room and asked for the reasons things haven't been turned in and we looked at some slides and then we could leave or stick around and get help. i think we have a quiz tomorrow, but i'm not entirely sure. probably on that lens and filter stuff we did last week.

annnnnnd i dunno what else. i feel like shit. i think i'm going to go pass out so i don't realize it :op

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