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I do everything everyone else does.
The required random pointless update.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beaches:
    I dig the ocean. More importantly, I dig sitting by the ocean. Day or night. Just like the sound and the feel. Can't get it anywhere else. One of those "special" things.
  2. cars:
    I like cars? Cars in general, and not new little "racers" with fart cannons. I like cars that were made before I hit the age of 14. I like the insides and not necessarily the way they work. Just the look and feel of them. It's more of an appreciation, really.
  3. drain sth:
    Drain STH are my kickass hard rock girls. I've seen them once (almost twice) and when I can find their cds in my house or John's car, I thoroughly enjoy listening to them.
  4. goth:
    Goth as in the crazy horde. I supposed it's also the subculture sensibility as well. That's a complicated interest.
  5. jeans:
    I LOVE JEANS MORE THAN ... toast. I wear jeans at least 80% of the time.
  6. novels:
    I'm a lit geek. I think this requires no other explanation.
  7. poetry:
    See the above.
  8. silence of the lambs:
    One of my favorite movies and Hannibal is one of my favorite characters. As is Buffalo Bill. And Starling isn't too shabby either. All around spectacular story there.
  9. tattos:
    I spelled it wrong which is adorable. I should change it, but I can't bear the thought of erasing such a cute mistake. I do love ink on skin though. Haven't done it myself, yet, but I think it's beautiful.
  10. watching:
    People watching. Animal watching. Train spotting. Cloud gazing. TV crashing. Movie going. You name it, I'll watch it.

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DUDE! I know Tracy Bonham hella good! She went to my church, and she still comes back from time to time!


I can't write the end of my fucking Castle paper.

I'm going to shoot myself in the foot--not fatal, but definitely bad enough to get me out of these stupid responsibilities.

But it's cool that you know Tracy Bonham.
I remember being weirded out when I found out she was from here.

I AM going to fatally shoot myself, but on account of the trial. Prolly within the next five minutes or so *sigh* when will this day just end?!?!?!? MAybe I'll just let my raging panic atic take over, and I'll vomit so much I end up in the Hospital :)

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